January is

Radon Action Month!


Have you tested your homes’

Air and Well Water for radon?


If your answer is NO,

then, what are you waiting for?




For the entire month of January,

Advanced Radon Mitigation & Water Treatment

is offering a

 $40.00 Radon Air test for only $25.00 plus postage


a $30.00 Radon in Water test for only $15.00 plus postage

(NOTE: Water Sample may freeze if sent back through mail.)


These are “Independent” State Accredited Lab Tests.


*Discounts are restricted to homes testing within ARM service area only.

*Limit 1 Radon Air test and 1 Radon in Water test

per customer.


DON’T WAIT! Test your home today.


 “ARM” your home

with GREAT Air & Water Quality.


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